Lit Lounge:

4 piece drum kit you can all use, 1985(re-issue) Remo Quadura, 22" bass, 16" floor tom, 14" mounted tom, bring all hardware and cymbals. we also have a Peavy mk VII Bass amp and a separate 4X10 500 watt 4 ohm Bass Cabinet you can use. We don't have guitar gear. We have a full PA, 24 trk Mackie SR mixer with 3 stage monitors and numerous mic's. Capacity downstairs for the bands is 170 people. All our soundmen are very friendly but if you give them rock star attitude it won't help your sound.

Mean Fiddler:

* Hartkekickback bass amp
* Fender hot rod deluxe guitar amp
* Yamaha drum kit including snare
* 2 monitors/4 mic's.Avalon series speakers.
* 2 Cymbal Stand
* 1 High Hat
* 4 Piece Yamaha Stage Custom Line Kickpedal

Mo Pitkins:

  • P.A. System
    Makie 1604-VLZ Pro 16-channel mixer
    Furman PL-8 series II
    Empirical Labs Distressor
    Lexicon MPX 550 dual channel processor
    Dbx 231 Graphic Equalizer #1 (for stage monitors)
    Dbx 166XL compressor/limiter/gate
    Denon DVD/CD player
    Dbx 231 Graphic Equalizer #1 (for main monitors)
    Crown XLS  202 power amp
    Samson servo 120 a
    Crown Xs 900 power amp
    Main monitors:(2) ZEAW commercial VR51
    Stage monitors:(4) ZEAW commercial VRM12
  • Instruments/amps
    Baldwin Hamilton Piano
    Fender Hot Rod De Ville 212
    Ampeg BA-112 bass amp
    Epiphone Valve Special amp
    Full Slingerland drumkit (please bring your own cymbals and kick pedal)
    Gibson T-Bird bass
    Epiphone Masterbilt acoustic guitar
    Studio Logic F1100 - Midi Controller Keyboard
  • Microphone List
    (4) Shure SM58 w/clip
    (3) Shure SM57 (2)w/clip
    (1) AKG c 414 B-ULS
    (1) Shure SM7
    (4) Whirlwind IMP 2 direct box
  • Microphone stands
    (2) straight Atlas stands
    (3) K&M (small) w/tripod, boom
    (3) Atlas (large) w/tripod, boom
    (1) Proline (large) w/tripod,boom
    (2) Quik lok (large) w/tripod, boom
    (1) Groove Pak (large) w/tripod, boom
    Instrument/miscellaneous. stands
    (2) quik lok guitar stands

* We do not provide a backline unless there is a full GNYC line up. Please check calendar.


169 Bar:

-Brand New Gretch drum kit;
-1 rack tom
-1 floor tom
-1 kick
-hardware: snare, hi-hat, straight and boom cymbal stands, drum throne and kick pedal.
-(bring cymbals and snare drum).
-1939 C. Bauer & Sons full upright piano. (with Helpinstill pick up)
-Crate guitar amp
-SWR bass amp head and speaker cabinet.
-Full P.A. System; mics & stands, 4 direct boxes.
-CD MIX 2- Professional CD Mixing Console.
-House sound engineer.(CD/DVD recordings available upon request.
-Karaoke Machine.

Arlene's Grocery:

New Slingerland 4 PC. Drum kit. All drummers need are cymbals.

Ampeg: 4x 10 Speakers and 1x 15 cabinet w/svt 350 100 Watt Head

1) Marshall: JCM 800 w/4 x12 cabinet
2) Marshall: JCM 2000 w/ 4 x 12 cabinet
3) Fender Twin Reverb Amp 2x12 combo
4) Gibson " Super Goldtone" Combo 2x12 Amps.

Cave Canem:


Club Midway:

Tama "Rockstar" 4 piece drum set + hardware
Bass amp Ampeg B1RE
Bass Cab Ampeg (1000W 8ohms)
Guitar Cab 2x12 (300W 4 ohms)
Guitar Cab 4x12 (140W 16 ohms)

Crash Mansion:

Tama "Rockstar" 4 piece drum set + hardware
Bass amp Ampeg B1RE
Bass Cab Ampeg (1000W 8ohms)
Guitar Cab 2x12 (300W 4 ohms)
Guitar Cab 4x12 (140W 16 ohms)

Cutting Room:

EAW Speakers and Monitors
4 Monitor Mixes with 4 EAW wedges & 1 Yamaha Drum Box
Allen and Heath 24 Channel Mixing Board
Crown and Crest Amplifiers
Lexicon and TC Electronics Outboard Effects
DBX EQ's and Compressors
Shure SM57 and SM58 Microphones
Neumann Vocal Mic
AKG D112 Kick Microphone
DI Boxes
CD Player and CD Burner
Fender Hot Rod Delux Guitar Amp
VOX Guitar amp
Hartke 4x10 Bass Cabinet
SWR 250 Bass Head
Yamaha C-3 Grand Piano (tuned weekly on Tuesdays)
GMS Drum Kit with All Hardware including 2 snares.
Keyboard Stand
NSI MC 7018 16 Channel Dimmer Board
16 Par Lights
Follow Spot


4 vocal mics, drum mics & mics for amps
3 monitors
3 di boxes
bass drum, 2 rack toms, floor tom
no hardware or seat
16 channel mixing board with 2 channels compression and effects
ampeg 410 bass cabinet (no head)
ampeg 115 bass combo

Knitting Factory:

Slingerland Drum Kits:
Classic V - Snare -  5x14, Mounted Toms - 8x12 & 9x13, Floor Tom - 16x16, Bass -  16x22
Broadway - Snare - 4x14, Mounted Toms: 9x12, 11x14, Bass -  14x18
both include full hardware including stands, thrones &  pedals.
Drummers need own clutch and cymbals.
Drummers may want to bring  own snare, kick pedal and felts.
Drummers are welcome to bring own  hardware, though we do have it.

Guitar Amps:
2 x Epiphone SoCal 50 heads
2 x Epiphone SoCal 4 x 12 cabinets

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